Chris Gignoux, Ph.D., MS

Faculty, University of Colorado

I am a population geneticist by training interested in the confluence of human evolution and medicine. Currently I am at the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine. Early on I began my career in anthropological genetics, then moved to 23andMe developing ancestry products. I finally went back to school for my PhD at UCSF with Esteban Burchard and a postdoc at Stanford with Carlos Bustamante. Currently my group works on a range of population and statistical genetics methods and applications, particularly on diverse, understudied and multi-ethnic cohorts.

Twitter: @popgenepi


A Sex-Stratified Genome-Wide Association Study of Tuberculosis Using a Multi-Ethnic Genotyping Array.
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PMID: 30713548

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PMID: 24376522

GeneOnEarth: fitting genetic PC plots on the globe.
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PMID: 24334393

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PMID: 21912604

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